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Lucid Dream Festival

Lucid District Logo
Lucid District Logo
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The Lucid Dream Festival will feature

a full weekend of live music and arts, 

complimented by scientific presentations and workshops

in spirituality, meditation, psychology, environmentalism, eco living, neurology, and mental health awareness.


💌 You are invited to come experience connection, activation, exploration, adventure, and join your community in raising our collective energy and world-wide consciousness!





The intention is to raise awareness in a fun, engaging and comfortable environment that inspires creativity, participation and healing.

We are providing avenues in which you can get involved with people and organizations that specialize in sharing information in the fields of science, spirituality, mental health and regenerative sciences.


join us for community festival experiences that will enrich and inspire the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of everyone who participates.



The event will take place at Camp Ramblewood event grounds in Darlington Maryland. This event space comes complete with cabins, pavilions, swimming pool, lake, trails, and various structures for indoor and outdoor activities, workshops, art gallies, and camp sites.

The venue has hosted many amazing camping music festivals in the past and has an impeccable reputation for providing comfortable and spacious experiences

Camp Ramblewood

Darlington Maryland, United States

📲🔒 2564 Silver Rd, Darlington, MD 21034



Proudly Supported by  

The Lucid District & Dream Gatherings

Thank you for reaching out!!


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